About the S-Bahn band

Singer and accordionist Richard Tyce founded the S-Bahn Band in Vancouver in the early 90’s. With a diverse and eclectic repertoire, the S-Bahn specializes in Oktoberfests (German) and Malankas (Ukranian). Highlights include the “Fall Crawls” during which the S-Bahn tours the Oktoberfest circuit – including the very popular Leavenworth Washington and Mt. Angel Oregon Oktoberfests.
Why the name “S-Bahn”? S-Bahn is the commuter train that connects cities in Germany with their suburbs.
The S-Bahn connects people, it brings people together.

The S-BAHN is:

Richard Tyce

Richard Tyce – Singer, Accordion & Keyboards

Accordionist and tenor Richard Tyce has been performing professionally since the age of 13, not just in his own bands, but with the likes of the Canadian Opera Company in Toronto, Vancouver Opera Company, London Ontario Symphony, Victoria Opera, and Modern Baroque Opera Company in London, England. As sololist Richard has performed the Victoria Accordions by the Sea Festival and the Rocky Mountain Accordion Festival and mounted 3 concerts featuring the Solstice Symphony Orchestra Vancouver, B.C. This included not only singing and accordion playing, with full 50 piece orchestra, but production, text translation, music and lyric writing, some choreography, and advertising!

Richard incorporates voice and lush accordion to form a unique sound.  With foot stomping polkas, and waltzes, classical and classics, Richard does not disappoint. He is an entertainer par excellence, and beckons audiences to share in so many of the tastes that music has to offer.

Jim Hopson

Jim Hopson – Trombone, Tuba, Alphorn, Bass guitar & Vocals

Jim Hopson is a rare musician who can adapt effortlessly to any style. He is at home in jazz, classical, pop and world music. He can also play the entire low brass family, including the Swiss Alphorn! Jim is represented by Vantastic Entertainment and specializes in providing music for special events – like Oktoberfest!

Jim began his musical training at age 3. He completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Trombone Performance (with distinction) at the University of Victoria, studying with the great Canadian trombonist Ian McDougall and was a finalist in the University’s Concerto Competition. He moved to Vancouver in 2007, where he soon established himself as a versatile first call soloist, sideman and arranger. He has also toured through the world: Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada, the US and Mexico.

Learn more here: http://www.jimhopsonmusic.com

Etienne McGuigan - Guitarist

Etienne McGuigan – Guitar & Vocals

Etienne McGuigan, born on the US west coast, and raised on the Canadian east coast, currently resides in Nanaimo, BC. He is a versatile guitar player that specializes in jazz, blues, rock and polka music. In 2009 he began Jazz music studies at Vancouver Island University and was taken under the wing of Canadian Jazz guitarist Pat Coleman. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Jazz studies in 2013 and has been performing and recording with multiple groups in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island. His performances are raw, energetic and emotional. When he’s not catching and cooking up crayfish with friends, or sanding a sailboat, you’ll find him strummin’ his 6 string. Be sure to catch his performances with the S-Bahn Band on their Oktoberfest Fall Crawl Tour. These shows are not to be missed!

James Bartz

James Bartz – drums, vocals

S-Bahn is very happy to welcome drummer James Bartz back after a two season polka-music hiatus! James joined the S-Bahn in 1996, contributing substantially to the band’s growth and evolvement over the years. James is the featured drummer in the CD “Making Tracks with the S-Bahn”, as well as other tracks, and has been key to S-Bahn’s sound since first joining. No one works harder than James when he belts out his version of “You Shook Me”… When James is not spending time with family, you may find him swapping a Bimmer engine for a 300 horse GM, or driving his Miata powered Opel on the winding highways of the Pacific Northwest.